Lots of people have been asking us what can they do to show their support?


So, we’ve come up with this list of quick and easy ways:


  • Like us on Facebook – facebook.com/backthebidswindon
  • Follow us on Twitter – twitter.com/backthebidswin
  • See our plans and updates on this website and let us know what they think
  • Sign up for our e-bulletin on this website
  • Look out for our roadshows in and around Swindon
  • Email us – info@swindonmuseum.org.uk
  • Get friends, family and colleagues to support us too
  • Visit the museum and art gallery to see some of the works in our wonderful collections
  • Call in to the museum and art gallery on Bath Road, Old Town, to see the model of the iconic building.
  • Sign and return a supporter’s postcard – at the museum and art gallery or at roadshows we’ll be holding through the summer and autumn
  • Become a Friend of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery – email friendsofsmag@gmail.com
  • Ask us to come out to your organisation or club or place of work to tell you more – email info@swindonmuseum.org.uk
  • Contact the trust to find out more about sponsorship and giving: info@swindonmuseum.org.uk