A show of hands after the question and answer session at last night’s public event gave some indication of the extent to which the people of Swindon are behind the project.

More than 140 people attended the public event to hear members of the Trust, Swindon Borough Council and others talk about the exciting plans for the statement building. Just seven members of the audience voted against it, while more than 130 supported the project and its location.

Council leader David Renard outlined the process behind the decision to locate it in the town centre, before chair of trustees Robert Hiscox explained why the trustees are so excited by the prospect of the building itself and the substantial economic benefits it will bring to Swindon.

The capacity audience were taken through the visuals and plans by Jason Parker of Make Architects, and director of Richard Jefferies Museum Mike Pringle brought the presentations to a close with a passionate plea to Swindon to get behind a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell Swindon’s comprehensive story and put its national profile and reputation up where it deserves to be.

Robert Hiscox, said:

“We had a lively debate, and by the end of that it was clear that there is a huge amount of passion locally for Swindon to have this new, iconic museum and art gallery in the town centre. More than 140 people from across the town attended and just seven people voted against the proposal.

“There was considerable enthusiasm in the room for the project, as people began to appreciate what it will mean for Swindon, and many people came to us afterwards to ask what they could do to help make it happen. This is a very exciting time for Swindon indeed.”

20 April 2017